Flood chiefs REWARDED for FAILURE

Baroness Young, the Environment Agency quango’s chief executive, got a performance related bonus of about £24,000 on
top of her £163,000 salary. A further eight executives, including the
director of water management, shared in the “performance bonuses” handout last month. The
average paid to each executive was equivalent to 10% of their salaries,
although Young received 15%.

At a meeting on September 20 the Environment Agency board “expressed concern over the inadequacy
of evacuation plans in some areas of England and Wales and believed that
there may be a serious risk of loss of life in significant flood events”.

Gloucestershire, where thousands of homes have been flooded and at least three
people have died, was one of the local authorities that did not have an
evacuation plan. Tewkesbury borough council, which covers one of the
worst-hit towns, had also failed to make full preparations.

Young, a 59-year-old Labour peer, has warned that water bills will have to
rise to cover the costs of increasing Britain’s protection against flooding. (source)

NO Baroness Young, that is what we have already paid our taxes for, not for diversity training, political correctness or friggin eels, and certainly not your damn bonus…

Most of the targets set for the agency are unconnected to floods or
environmental emergencies. For example, executives had to put in place plans
to tackle the decline in eels and “increase focus on a performance
management culture through developing our scorecard”.

So as ususal, a NuLab quango, who in this case is supposed to protect Britain against flooding, fails miserably in its execution of duty, and the participants get promoted, rewarded with bonuses and praised by ministers. It seems that the protection of eels is far more important than life and property.

The Taxpayer money given as bonuses needs collecting back, and spending on flood defences, with the executives of the quango being sacked as incompetent.

As one Times commenter states:
I have always been perplexed by the concept of bonuses being awarded to
those in governmental agencies. The argument is always made that high
salaries and bonuses are necessary to hire and retain people to keep
them from “jumping” to the private sector.

Why not let them test the private sector. There, unlike the
public sector, there are targets, goals, and expectations to be met. If
not met, people are fired. In the public sector, failures and
Incompetence are met with bonuses, retention, and/or the hiring of
someone else on the payroll to do the job.

I think that Baroness Young should now go to personally meet those people who have lost their homes and businesses, to see the families of those who have died in the floods and justify to them why she should get a bonus or even keep her job.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

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