Major vulnerability in FireFox on Windows

Samizdata has posted A public service warning! which I feel is important enough to repeat.

You surf the internet at random using
FireFox (which generally you should), you may stumble across a website,
which could infest your machine with a virus. But this is nothing new,
I have heard about these evil websites full of Trojans and other nasty
viruses and I know better… I hear you cry. Apparently, this
particular attack does not require a download. Which means that is
unlikely to be trapped by your anti-virus software, certainly in the

Protecting yourself for now is fairly simple. You will need to make a trivial modification to your FireFox settings.

To do this, start FireFox, enter the URL “about:config”,
scroll down, and for each of the following entries make sure it is set
to “true”.

If it isn’t, right-click the line and choose “Toggle”, which will set the value to “true”


This will at least give you a warning that Firefox is being asked to
do something suspicious; you will have to judge for yourself whether it
is nasty.


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