Traffic wardens elevated to Judge and Jury

The Department for Transport said the evidence of a parking attendant
would be regarded as sufficient and the onus would be on the motorist
to prove that he or she was not parked illegally.

Millions more motorists could receive parking fines after the
Government said that the tickets will no longer have to be fixed to the

The new regulations are part of a shake-up that will
include two-tier parking fines with those guilty of more serious
transgressions, such as parking in a disabled bay or on double yellow
lines, facing higher penalties.

The changes are
designed to plug a loophole identified by the National Parking
Adjudication Service, which handles motorists' appeals outside London.

its annual report, it ruled that tickets had to be properly issued and
it disallowed one penalty charge notice after the parking attendant
hurled it through the car window of a disappearing motorist. The new
rules, which will be enforced in about 180 authorities outside London,
will not even require traffic wardens to provide photographic proof
that the car was parked illegally.

The Department for Transport also confirmed that regulations outlawing
laser and speed camera detectors will come into force by early 2008. (source)

We know that many Traffic Wardens issue tickets to meet their bonus targets, that local authorities depend on the revenues from traffic tickets and write them into their annual budgets, and this can only be seen as another way to increase those revenues, and is clearly open to the most severe abuse.

Traffic Wardens now have more power than a Judge, being able to issue tickets that result in fines without having to provide any evidence or to prove that an offence even took place. This is surely contrary to the Bill of Rights 1689, and needs to be tested in the courts very soon.

Another nail in the coffin of fair justice.

Englishmen are now Guilty until proven Innocent.

The inmates are definitely now running the asylum.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

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