When the rains came…more lies from government

When the rains came, England, already under pressure for its very survival (being as it is politically abolished), was swamped with not just water, but the stinking filth rising up from the decade of underinvestment in our sewerage systems and backhanded planning and building on flood plains and lowland areas.

There have been lies and more lies that have emanated from the Prime Minister who said that we could not forsee this kind of weather and from the Environment Agency. (note the update on the above link where Hilary Benn is lying on BBC News24).

For the past 10 years they have been spending our tax money on politicising this and every other government department, spending billions on web sites, propaganda, diversity training, newspeak and political correctness and all the while cutting back on the building of flood defences and all the other services to which we contribute.

This government is corrupt, it is politically bankrupt, it is worthless. It is not fit for purpose.

Many have lost their homes, the very places where their treasured possessions are kept, their memories, their lives. If the local councils affected this time are anything like Hull, then you will be paying all over again, and again and again….This government will have you lose much more before they are finished with us.

The time has now come for the people of England to take no more. The time has come for us to call on what's left of the Armed Services in the name of all that is decent to help sweep away the shit and the filth on our streets, to help with the clean up that we will all have to pay for over again, and once the floods have receded to protect the people of England from those who would do us harm.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

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Wonko's world who says charity begins at home, A View from Middle England asks some hard questions, Man in a Shed who outlines the real value of Labour promises, the First Post who says that Government would rather fund wars than take care of things at home.

Interesting to see that the Environment Agency have republished a document called Preliminary Rainfall Runoff Management for Developments, which you can download here, but it is also interesting to note that the document excludes floodplains……


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the link! Just for the record I believe Gordon Brown is lying when he says this could not have been foreseen. Hillary Benn is just being deliberately misleading by only quoting the capital budget for the DoE, and ignoring the large cuts in the overall budget that the government put in this year. R4 today's programme tried to pick him up on it this morning – but without much enthusiasm. They actually had an email from a member of the environment agency saying that their budget had been taken away to pay for the farmers payment fiasco.