Terror Scaremongering and Internment in the press again

It seems to be a quiet news day today, but that is no excuse for the kind of scaremongering that is appearing in the Telegraph this morning.

Ben Leapman writes of how many trained terrorists there are in the UK, that have been trained in overseas terror camps.

The story is a rehash of lots of previous bits of news, and apparently comes from 'security chiefs'.

Which security chief ? Who is it, what is the name of the person that is putting this diatribe about. Where was the briefing ? Was it a press conference ? If so say where and when…

Right. If there is no name or place or time to attribute this to, then its probably made up.

This is not news – This is scaremongering, and it has to stop.

The politics of fear dont work here.

The story above of untold terrorists queuing up to kill us all is no doubt linked to this political organisation – The ACPO. (Guardian and again in the Telegraph).

The Chief Constables' leader Ken Jones, the President of the ACPO, has been criticised by politicians and
civil liberty groups for calling for terrorist suspects to be kept in
custody “for as long as it takes” without charge to allow police to
complete investigations, and was accused to trying to bring back internment.

He said police were “up against the buffers on the 28-day limit” – the maximum detention currently allowed in law.

Time and time again politicians have given the ACPO an opportunity to prove that they need further detention times, and they have failed to do so.

What exactly is the UK police forces doing that they need more than the current 28 days (renewed by parliament), which is incidentally already the longest detention period without charge in the Western World.

What is it that our coppers cannot do that every other police force in Europe manages to do well. (the Interpol report clearly shows that terrorism is much higher in Europe, in its Interpol TE-SAT 2007 EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report).

Figure1 of that report shows the number of attacks across Europe by Terror Type during 2006.
Out of 498 attacks across Europe, only 5 were in the UK.

Figure 2 of that report shows arrested terror suspects during 2006
Out of 706 across Europe, only 3 were in the UK.

These figures clearly show no need to increase either detention times
or in fact any budgetary calls you may make on taxpayers money. Either you are lying to Interpol, lying to Government, lying to the public or lying to your own officers, or maybe lying to everyone to enhance ACPO's political agenda.

Perhaps it might just be the morass of paperwork that you have every policeman tied up with that needs to be removed, then they can get on with the job of policing.

We do not need political policemen. We expect our police to listen to parliament and to execute their duty within the bounds set by that House, we do not expect nor will tolerate them trying to set political agenda's.

If Gordon Brown believes a word he says about liberty, he will fire this man. Unfortunately Ken Jones and the ACPO wont be happy until they get their way. Remember this from January when Sir Ian Blair called for Internment. Or this from February.

Is the ACPO becoming a terror organisation in its own right. Scare everyone into a police state.

And just what kind of terrorism is Ken Jones speaking, it has never been defined. If it is the same as the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, then Euro sceptics are “psychological terrorists” because they
suggest that there is a growing “European superstate.”

If we follow that path, Ken Jones' recommendations have far reaching unimaginable consequences for us all.  Civil Liberty arguments are never untenable.

I quote the words of J.Edgar Hoover, when asked by Congress what he should do with all the information that he had amassed over the years.

The minute the FBI begins making recommendations on what
should be done with its information, it becomes a Gestapo. — J. Edgar

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