The EU is an "Empire" – Barroso

Yes, you read it right, the EU President considers the EU to
be an Empire.

He said Empires were usually made with force with a centre
imposing diktat, what he didn’t say was this one was made with trickery and lies
with a centre imposing diktat. 

may be an empire made without armed force, but in no way has it been made with the
consent of the people. It is being forced upon us.

Barroso’s empire, like any empire, is to last but a year, it must have the people behind it. Free
national referendum’s are the only way that will happen. Brainwashing our children and TV propaganda wont do it.

and all the other national leaders must listen to the will of their respective
populations, or their populations will dissent, will oppose and will fight
back, and force will be Barroso's only option, with Europe descending into an Evil Empire like the old Soviet Union.

Certainly, there is something Napoleonic about Barroso's style, as
he took the opportunity of the press
to pronounce that national governments should not try to
renegotiate the content of the “reform” treaty and renege on
agreements already made. 

And if that isn't a diktat, what is?


We demand honesty from now on, we demand a referendum
on the European Constitution Treaty.

Sign the No.10 Petition
for a referendum now.


Nervous aides to the former Portuguese Prime Minister inquired after Barroso's press
conference whether this description might feature in British media reports.

Well, yes it is.  TimesTelegraph, EUObserver, Daily Express, New Europe,

The highly biased BBC (Brown Broadcasting Corp) is remaining silent with not even a mention of the press conference.


“The European Union must be destroyed” –
“L'Union Européenne diot être détruite”



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