Brown’s deceit and lies make Blair look honest

The PMS was asked the following at this morning’s No.10

Asked what assurances the Prime
Minister received from the Portuguese PM about our red lines, the PMS replied
that the Prime Minister made his position clear on the red lines. At the press
conference following the meeting, the Portuguese Prime Minister said he did not
Britain being a problem.

Asked if this meant that our red lines
would be preserved, the PMS replied that the Prime Minister made his position
very clear, and we would let the Portuguese Prime Minister's words speak for

Asked if we would be going into the
next conference confident that our red lines were not going to be broken, the
PMS replied that our red lines were our red lines. The Prime Minister made that
very clear this morning, as he had done repeatedly in recent days and weeks.

That means NO then.

So, when the Portuguese Prime Minister said he did not
anticipate Britain
being a problem, that means that Gorgon Brown has promised him that it will
receive parliamentary approval and wont be put to the people.

Well, he has to get ALL
the parliamentarians on side first, or will he pull the same stunt as Hitler
to get the Enabling Act passed. 


Mr Brown insisted the “constitutional” treaty has
been rejected.

EU says it is a LIE
. See here
and here.

Luxemburg's prime
minister Jean-Claude Juncker

“The new treaty contains “99 per cent” of what was
in the old “Constitution for Europe”.
Telegraph (7 July)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
“The fundamentals of the Constitution have been maintained in large part… We
have renounced everything that makes people think of a state, like the flag and
the national anthem.” El Pais (25 June)

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the mandate approved
by the EU will “preserve the substance of the constitutional treaty”. Agence Europe
(25 June)

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero
“A great part of the content of the European Constitution is captured in
the new treaties”, Zapatero said. “Everyone has conceded a little so that we
all gain a lot”, added Zapatero. El Pais (25 June)

Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern
“Given the fact that there was strong legal advice that the draft constitution
in 2004 would require a referendum in Ireland, and given the fact that these
changes haven't made any dramatic change to the substance of what was agreed
back in 2004, I think it is likely that a referendum will be held… thankfully
they haven't changed the substance – 90 per cent of it is still there.” Irish
Independent (24 June)

Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen: “The good thing is…that all the symbolic
elements are gone, and that which really matters – the core – is left.”
Jyllands-Posten (25 June)

Europe Minister
Europe Minister Astrid Thors: “There’s nothing from the original institutional
package that has been changed” TV-Nytt, (23 June)

Commission President Jose Barroso
Barroso said he was happy that his son was studying law, because under the new
treaty: “lawyers have a beautiful future.” Süddeutsche Zeitung (25 June)


Brown went on: “What we did accept was a number of
changes and these are changes that make the EU with its membership of 27 work


He won’t, he can’t, otherwise the Lie is out.


Mr Brown's other excuse was that Britain
has held onto all its “red lines”, such as being given an opt-out
from the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

But up jumps the EU's former justice commissioner, Antonio
Vittorini, and a gaggle of lawyers to point out that this is nonsense. A
cross-reference in the treaty shows that Britain
is just as much subject to the charter as anyone else.


It is truly astonishing that Mr Brown should begin his
premiership with LIES, while promising to be “open” with the British
people, with a deceit so shameless as to make Blair look like an honest man.


The Portuguese premier said he did not think there would be
any difficulties satisfying the UK Government.

But you are going to
have one hell of a problem satisfying the
UK public.


don’t want a liar as Prime Minister, we especially don’t want an unelected liar
as Prime Minister who is going to sell our birthright.

demand honesty from now on, we demand a referendum on the European Constitution

Sign the No.10 Petition
for a referendum now.



“The European Union must be destroyed” – “L'Union Européenne diot être détruite”


NuLab – Destroying Britain
from the inside out.



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