The strange case of advance warning on terror

In what appears to have been clear cases of advance warning for the weekend's events, British Security services still maintain that they knew nothing of the impending terror attempts.

But, they are certainly very quickly asking for MORE POWERS !!!

Federal Marshals were assigned to US Flights into and out of Glasgow and Prague !!
notice and no action taken to advise UK Security Services? … now why
would the US Security Services do that ? Iraqi / Jordanian Doctors …
exiles presumably from Iraq. (source)

In contradiction to statements by the police yesterday that they had no warning of the London car bombings, the Times Online
has uncovered a 53 page document sent out two weeks ago to businesses
including pubs, restaurants and nightclubs, calling for vigilance
against Vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. The document,
produced by The National Counter Terrorism Security Office in
association with ACPO, was passed to the TigerTiger nightclub just days
before the thwarted car bomb attack.

Is this another case of putting the lives of the British public at risk FOR POLITICAL GAIN.

How long before COBRA decide that there is reason to invoke the Civil Contingencies Act and the Emergency Powers Act, thereby letting Gordon Brown take total control, and enable a one party state.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

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