Constitution will end Freedom and Voting across Europe

Some people still seem to think that there will be a next

As I watch opposition politicians argue over 1 or 2 percentage point moves in the Polls,
they either forget or are misleading the public in that if this European
Constitution ever gets ratified, then the idea of elections, letting the people
decide, will to our new European masters become an outdated burden to be done
away with.

A 'new kind of politics' I seem to recall Brown calling it.

We have already seen what those Leaders think of the
electorate, today celebrating in Brussels that they have pulled one over on the
electorate, as the Spanish prime minister, joins the growing list of EU
politicians who is claiming that the EU constitution is back, backed by Diego
Lopez Garrido, the parliamentary spokesman for the Spanish Socialist Party, who
says that, “99 per cent” of the original constitution had survived .

To see what other european leaders think of us, and their glee in getting one over on us, see here.

Everything now centres around 2009.

The European Constitution.
The installation of a European President.
The installation of a European foreign minister.
The ID Cards
The elevation of the Regional Governments.
The Data sharing.
The Interpol access to our Police databases.
The Europe wide health record data sharing.
The Europe wide children’s register.

All are due for completion by 2009.
Just before a UK
general election, and just before the European Parliamentary Elections. 

The very idea of letting the people decide is an anathema.

The very best we could possibly hope to see in future would
be the Soviet style election that has taken Brown to No.10, where there is
only 1 candidate. 

The new European Constitution would see Dictatorship from Brussels,
a wholly unelected dictatorship, in 2009 as the appointed President Blair takes power over
his new European Empire, he would finish what he started with enforced work patterns, social engineering on a massive scale, indoctrination and propaganda.



The United Kingdom
has already been ripped apart, very shortly the destruction of England
will take place as it disappears into 9 regions, something that some European countries have
wished for centuries.

If we do not stand up to this takeover now, demand a referendum
and leave the EU very quickly, the new Europe, without the consent of its 500 million people, will eventually descend into armed
struggle, as patriots and nations try to maintain and reassert their history and heritage.
We have seen only too vividly what conflict of this type and nature can do in the Balkans,
something that I never wish to see here.

I never gave my consent for this type of Europe, for my homeland to be destroyed, and I never will.

I once swore allegiance to the Crown, and that is where it will stay.

DEMAND A REFERENDUM, stop this madness now.


 p.s. perhaps this piece of insight from a commenter in The Telegraph  sums it up.

“A tiny island off the coast of mainland Europe effectively ruled
one third of the world for more than four centuries, 50 nations and one
quarter of the worlds population came under its jurisdiction. It was not
found necessary to inflict a common currency on member countries or to
translate every piece of information in multi languages. It did not
require a separate and gigantic administration to control this vast
group of nations – it was run by the Commonwealth Office.

This Office and this country did not presume to dictate to it’s
charges what they could eat, where they could fish or how long they
could work, nor did they insist on changing their laws and traditions.

It still did not last – why or how do you think that a Federal Europe will? – by force?”

Posted by Bob wydell on June 25, 2007 3:58 PM

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