The unanswered list of corruption under Blair

We all know that Blair and his NuLab government are corrupt.
As Blair gets ready to leave No.10 we look at the list of corruption that he
leaves behind, most of it un-investigated, none of it resulting in Blair facing

We all know about the Cash for Honours scandal and the SFO
investigation into sleaze over the Saudi arms deal, but those small bits that have
been reported, or buried over the past 10 years obviously fade in the memory
with time. 

There is an excellent list, compiled by Roy Davies, a librarian in Exeter
which shows in part just how corrupt this government has been over the past 10 years.

Do you remember for instance 

The alleged links
between Europe minister Keith Vaz and the Hinduja brothers, of the allegations
that the Hinduja brothers were involved in bribery in connection with defence
contracts and applied for British passports in order to try and avoid
extradition to India.

and one about Geoffrey
Robinson, the controversial former minister, who was given a three-week
suspension from the House of Commons for misleading MPs over a £200,000 payment
from a company owned by disgraced Labour tycoon, Robert Maxwell. 

Or Elizabeth Filkin,
the tenacious official who investigates allegations of misconduct against MPs, who
had been denied reappointment for a second term after falling foul of the
parliamentary establishment at Westminster. (didn’t Blair do that again

And a former British
secret agent, Richard Tomlinson, who alleged that MI6 had a spy in the
Bundesbank code-named Orcada, who provided inside information on Germany's
proposed interest rate movements, which for this and other allegations Blair’s government
is still
hounding him

Or the allegation the
British government has acted to conceal and maintain a £1.3 billion fraud
against the BA Gough Equipment company.

And how Tony Blair is
accused of undermining the British steel industry by his support for Mittal. 

And I remember how the
parliamentary ombudsman had expressed deep disappointment at the failure of
John Reid, the then health secretary, to comply with her rulings on freedom of
information. For two years John Reid's department has refused to give information
about the award of a £32m contract, without normal competitive tendering, to
Powderject for smallpox vaccine shortly after Powderject's owner donated
£100,000 to Labour.


You can read all about these and more
. Don’t forget the corruption.

Well, Blair’s time in the UK
is now over, and as he now looks towards moving his power base to Brussels,
to reign over and fleece a much larger audience, the corrupt European institutions
must be looking forward to continuing their largesse of corruption with Blair
at the helm.

Of how European Union
auditors have drawn attention to irregularities in EU spending for the 12th
year running, in their report on the 2005 budget.

The European
Commission has a “chronically sordid” accounting system and is still
unable to keep track of the EU's £73billion budget after a decade of financial
scandals, according to a top EU insider, Jules Muis, who also defended Marta
Andreasen who was sacked after criticising the EU's lack of effective action on
preventing fraud. 

Dorte Schmidt-Brown,
the whistleblower who helped expose fraud at Eurostat, the EU data office, has
been denied redress for the difficulties she suffered after helping expose the
£3m looting of funds.

Neil Kinnock, the
European Commission vice-president, is to be questioned by MEPs about an
alleged cover-up of mismanagement and cronyism by the EU's statistics body,
Eurostat, after Dorte Schmidt-Brown, a “whistle-blowing” employee,
were ignored. 

Police raided the home
of Hans-Martin Tillack, an investigative reporter for the German newsweekly
Stern in what is seen as retaliation for a story exposing fraud and waste
inside the European Union.

Investigators are
studying claims that European Commission cleaning contracts were faked in a
four-year fraud potentially worth millions of euros.


There is more, much more which you can read about

How the European Commission deals with its internal
irregularities and fraud, The full text of the report that the EU
Commission tried to suppress.

People should not forget about this corruption, it is the theft of
our tax monies
. If governments will not deal with it, we should merely wait
until these people have left office, until their immunities have expired. 

As Blair is happy to tell us, Every crime should see justice. In just 3 days time he will no
longer have Ministerial Immunity. Let the British people see justice done.

Perhaps Gordon Brown would like to start the ball rolling…..




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