UK Government, a week of lies, deceit and corruption

This week has seen many revelations and instances of how
Government is corrupt, how it lies, deceives and fabricates figures and facts
to suit its political agenda. That agenda is Totalitarianism through


One of the important elements of being able to operate a
totalitarian regime is the ability to do much of its work in secrecy. 

Help in this respect has come in the form of ex Tory whip David Maclean,
with his Freedom of Information (amendment) Bill, passed in the Commons by
overwhelming support by Labour

The Bill aims to exempt from the FoI Act both Houses of
Parliament, although Maclean has publicly stated that the reasons for raising
the amendment bill is to protect constituent correspondence. We feel that this is duplicitous

There is, and never has been a case where constituent
correspondence has been released, deliberately or otherwise, as confirmed in
the House of Lords and reported on by the UK
Freedom of Information
blog, quoting directly from the Lords Hansards text.

Just as the Department of Health has fabricated
the costs
in setting up the Smoking Ban, so Gordon Brown and the Treasury
has laboured long and hard with it’s spin and lies (and employed accounting
practices that if used by a business would find its directors in prison) to
avoid letting the public know just how much of its hard earned tax money is
being wasted on expensive PFI programmes.
Frankly Brown and The Treasury has lied
to parliament and the nation.

These programmes are kept off the chancellors books, and so
are not reported in the Press or his reports to Parliament, but the figures are
beginning to surface, and they are to put it bluntly staggering.


has been digging into the PFI costs at the

Last year alone, it paid out a staggering £753,313,000 on DWP
PFI projects (the previous year topped a

The PRIME PFI contract
which provides facilities management via a company called Trillium (Prime) Ltd,
alone cost £517,671,000.

Meanwhile, IT services provided by EDS
received £80,647,000, and, since 2002 have received a total of £341,966,000.

The figures quoted here were obtained using the FoI Act, and
are only for DWP, which suggests that right across government the real costs
are near unthinkable. Costs that this nations taxpayers will be paying for in
excess of 30 years just to cover the PFI projects
to date. Trillions of Pounds. Trillions

Then we have the pure fantasy
and fabricated figures
to justify the ID Card scheme, which have been
usefully highlighted by UK Liberty here and
stressing how the Identity Fraud figures are totally fabricated, and that the number
of Fraudulent Passport applications are pure pie in the sky.  

The ID scheme is also under attack for its lies and
duplicity by Spyblog
and the NO2ID campaign.

Home Office Minister
Andy Burnham has lied and told falsehoods.

·  he repeats the falsehoods about the £1.7 billion of alleged “identity

·  he falsely claims that his figures “have
been independently verified by KPMG as sound” – all they have done is
approved the methodology used in the Regulatory Impact
Assessment, but they have reservations about the actual figures, which are
still secret.

There is a good Register article on the
earlier 2005 claim that it costs £1.3bn pa. 

The only fraud here
is the one that is being operated by the government. A government that needs to
work against it own people in secrecy.

To highlight
, Gordon Brown and the Treasury ordered the OGC to DESTROY all the gateway
documents for the ID card scheme, even though the Information
Commissioner has order their public release, and there is an appeal at the High


Gordon Brown has earned the well deserved nickname Macavity,
because he is never there to answer the questions, take the flack. Brown likes
to work in the dark corners of the corridors of power, he does not like the
light and the open spaces which is apparent by his turning
down requests
to appear on Newsnight, ITV news, Sky News, BBC
News 24…. Nothing, Macavity is nowhere to be seen. 

Prime Ministerial
material, or dark dictator…

Then we move on, to the corruption, the graft. 

The BAE story has opened
up a can of worms again this week, with the
that the Saudi ambassador to the US was receiving payments totalling
over £1 bn from BAE, with the knowledge and approval
of the MOD and Ministers, and that the Attorney General had insisted that it be
carried out in secret. Never to be mentioned.

There is also the stories of the extraordinary rendition. We
always knew that this would come back to bite government, and this week it has.
Liberty has published its report
which states
that the UK was
complicit in the rendition by providing airport facilities for flights in

Within a few hours of the Liberty
report, the ACPO put out its own statement saying that they could find no
evidence of this. The ACPO as we all know are now a politicised organisation regularly
repeating government propaganda lines, and no longer commands the respect
either of the public or rank and file police officers.

We are inclined not to believe the ACPO in this matter. 

More secrets, more
lies, more corruption.


The Child Maintenance & Other Payments Bill, published this week,
includes powers for the CMEC to disqualify an individual from “holding or
obtaining travel authorisation”, with a travel authorisation being defined as a
UK passport or
as “an ID card… that… has been issued to a British citizen.” The definition
itself is taken from the ID Cards Act.  In this manner, it will be used as a soviet
style internal passport.

ID Cards will be used, the government tells us, “in daily
life” – it will “simplify the process of proving your identity, making
day-to-day transactions easier and safer”. And it will also be pretty well
compulsory for a broad range of day to day activities, including but not
limited to the purchase of goods such as cigarettes and alcohol, obtaining cash
or airplane and train tickets.

Limits could be placed on your alcohol intake per week, or
your smoking habits and your ability to travel if you break the rules. 

Your daily life is
about to be totally controlled.


Now to Europe, where Tony Blair has been in negotiations
with Angela Merkle and the new French President Nicolas Sarkozy in order to
obtain his much needed European Constitution, which will hand much of the
remaining British sovereignty to Europe, and create a new post of European
President which Blair is hoping to fill.

The Foreign Secretary has lied in order to delay searching questions into
exactly what Blair is doing.

The session began with the Labour Committee Chairman – Michael Connarty –
saying that the current negotiations on the EU Constitution were taking place
against a “background of non-transparency”. This, claimed Beckett,
was Berlin's fault. It is the way
they wanted to conduct negotiations. Nothing she could do about it.

With this government EVERYTHING is
always someone else’s fault !!!

Margaret Beckett told the European Scrutiny Committee
this week (a performance “that made the famous Michael Howard Newsnight
interview look like an exercise in open government” according to the
exasperated Open Europe blog post on
it) that: “Nothing that you could really call negotiations has taken

Yet according to the IHT, Nicholas Sarkozy told reporters at
the G8 conference today that: “Tony Blair and I have just agreed on
what might be the framework for a simplified treaty. That is quite something.”

The whole performance was nicely summed up by her response to Richard
Younger-Ross' assertion that there was nothing MPs could do to influence the
Government in the negotiations and that the new treaty would be presented as a
fait accompli.

She just shrugged her shoulders and looked away …

Some would call this
not telling the truth, I would call it LYING, LYING, LYING, with contempt, to


Following the long and exhaustive investigation into the
corrupt practice of Cash for Honours, you would think that they would learn.
Not a chance. New revelations
are emerging of how government is using taxpayer money to fund unions, who then
fund the Labour Party.

That there is a correlation between unions donating money to
the Labour Party, and the government bankrolling the unions, is clear. This is back-door
union funding of the Labour movement. Aka CORRUPTION. 

More secrets, more
lies, more corruption.


Now we get to the most serious corrupt practice of all.
Propaganda and censorship. 

People keep asking me why they have not heard most of the
things that we write about in our blogs. It’s never on the news !. That
is because government carefully use the media to deliver their message, or propaganda,
and threaten journalists with removing their briefing rights if they don’t play

2 stories this week that highlight the disgusting nature of
spin (propaganda) and censorship. 

Firstly the article written in The Guardian CiF this week by
Craig Murray on the latest Reid
attack on liberty

Within hours, what they appear to have done is leave the
article up, but remove links to it from the front page and the Comment is Free
page. So there is no way 99.9% of readers will know it is there. 

Should they decide to remove it altogether, Craig has
ensured it is available on a mirrored

Censorship at work.

The second item is propaganda. 

Gordon Brown's Sunday newspaper terror politics spinning
operation last weekend, so similar were the stories in the main broadsheets
they had to have been given a document. The story is on Iain
Dales Diary

The terror card is therefore being played yet again, with
Brown, Hain and John Reid all playing. Gizmonaut
has a review of the weeks terror propaganda. 

Try and scare the
shit out of everyone politics
. Fortunately, it doesn’t work anymore, like
the boy who cried wolf.

Finally, to our children.

Not content with fingerprinting
our children or getting them to fill in questionnaires
that make searching questions about parents and home life using a classic Stasi
method in information gathering, the National Institute for Health and Clinical
Excellence (NICE) have drawn up the
guidelines to start checking up on our mental well being, and intends to target

NICE intends to collect
the data from thousands of pupils, from the age of four to 11, but doesn't say
what it intends to do with that data.

A cynic might argue that the Nanny State will
use the raw data to build a series of government communication
“initiatives” targeted at the young, the result being a nation
brainwashed for subservience to Nanny.

As ever we see another great “initiative” from
Nanny based on no scientific evidence whatsoever. 

There is more, much much more, you just need to go look for
it. Unfortunately you wont hear most of it on the news, or read it in the
newspapers. Search the blogs, its amazing what you might find out.


This Government lies,
this government is corrupt, this government is totalitarian.


NuLab – Destroying Britain
from the inside out.



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