Stasi style questionaire for kids

Pupils as young as 10 are being asked if they smoke
and whether their mothers are in paid work as part of a
Government-backed survey branded “Orwellian” by parents' groups. (source)

120,000 pupils have already completed the survey called Tellus2 by Ofsted, the
education watchdog, which is compiling a database on children's
lifestyle, health and happiness, and detailed questions about their parents.

Children, who are advised that they do
not need to ask parents' permission before taking part, are asked:
“Does the mum or step mum that you live with have a paid job?”

No doubt to cross check with the DWP database !!

They are also asked to rate how “safe or unsafe” they feel at school
and home, how many times they have drunk alcohol in the last month, the
number of cigarettes smoked, and whether they receive free school meals.

Although pupils do not have to give their name, they are asked to
provide postcodes, sparking fears the information could be used by
police or social services.

The school name or school postcode should be enough, and questions should only be about life in the school.
How many of these children have to use fingerprint ID's to use their PC's for the online survey I wonder, so names and addresses are already known, and the children identified.
This is about gathering information about home and parents from children who are too young to understand the consequences. This is disgusting and immoral, this is probably illegal, this is definitely outside of Ofsted's remit. This is state sponsored child abuse.

OFSTED are there to inspect schools. They are not there to gather information for Stasi style databases.

Say NO to ID cards, Say NO to the Database state.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

p.s. If any teachers out there have a copy of the questionnaire, I would be happy to publish it.


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