State of Emergency – Would Government stage an ‘event’?

A few days ago John Reid spoke of declaring a State of Emergency,
at that time blaming the Judges and the Judiciary.

Is the following story which
others have uncovered an ‘orchestrated event’ that will ‘force’ John Reid to ‘reluctantly’
make such a declaration.

Is this an organised black op?.


writes and gives a warning of a potential race riot in Downing
St, and says:

All this is very, very odd. We don't want a race riot in
central London so John Reid is
and suspend the Human Rights Act do we ?


The Antagonist has a more detailed piece about
the same proposed demonstration outside Downing Street,
Whitehall, on 15th June in John Reid's
famous exclusion zone.

He asks: Not only must the question be asked about how the organisers have
managed to secure permission for the demonstration at Downing Street, inside
the exclusion zone, the question must also be asked about how racist, neonazi groupings have managed to
rally 645 people against something that could only have been known about by
anyone other than the organisers just five weeks ago, well in advance of the
event receiving any publicity, long before the site contained anything more
than the front page and a couple of PDFs, and long before Muslims — in whose
name the protest is allegedly being organised — knew of its existence.

However, no-one really seems to know who is organising this
protest, likewise for the counter demonstration and petition.

We believe that it is possible this ‘event’ will be used by
John Reid as the excuse to declare a State of Emergency
and invoke the Civil Contingencies Act.

Is this a Government
sponsored black op?.

The modus operandi of any authoritarian
state is;

  • Create a fear, real or contrived.
  • Engineer events to give credence to that
  • Find a portion of the population to blame
    for that fear.
  • Enact laws to ‘protect’ the majority.
  • Neuter the press.
  • Further engineered events, keep up the
    scare propaganda.
  • Save the majority by containing, then
    detaining the target group.
  • Introduction of emergency powers and the
    suspension of political and judicial process.
  • Look for other groups to blame.
  • Total control 

It is now beginning
to start to ring bells and look familiar.   
Germany, Russia, East
…..Britain !!

 27/5/07 21:28 – Further developmentsPostman Patel.

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