Is Cheney organising a coup against Bush

It would seem, that in all but name, Cheney is attempting to organise a coup against Bush and start his own private war against Iran.

Maybe Bliar, in his last few weeks in orifice could “tip W the wink” on this?


believes that Bush can not be counted on to make the “right decision”
when it comes to dealing with Iran and thus Cheney believes that he
must tie the President's hands.

On Tuesday evening, I spoke with
a former top national intelligence official in this Bush administration
who told me that what I was investigating and planned to report on
regarding Cheney and the commentary of his aide was 'potentially
criminal insubordination' against the President.”


Full story here.

We wrote some time ago that people had missed the point when listening to Bush's press release about 'the surge' back in January, there was a simultaneous one being held by the Iran Policy Committee, a Cheney run and funded operation, which the press took little notice of.

Couple that with the build up of US forces (3 carrier groups, plus the French carrier group) in the gulf, the daytime exercises in the straights of Hormuz, Cheney's visit to the carriers, and Bush signing a Presidential Directive which effectively gives him the power of a Dictator.


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