Is MTAS and Jobsite one and the same – UPDATED

Update 8/5/07:

Some 130 medical staff have signed a
letter calling for a police probe into internet security breaches
concerning junior doctors' personal details.

4 News obtained a copy of the letter, addressed to Metropolitan Police
Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, calling for a criminal investigation into
Medical Training Application System (MTAS) security breaches.

fear that a leaking of personal details could not only put them at
risk, but could potentially allow others – in the “worst case scenario”
paedophiles – to impersonate them.

A copy of the letter is being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

bloggers have identified the operators of the Doctors recruitment website MTAS
as part of the Jobsite operation, (MTAS is registered as being owned by Jobsite),
was acquired in 2004 by Associated New
Media, a division of Associated Newspapers Ltd, the publishers of the Daily

Jobsite was
unavailable overnight and this morning (update: came back up at 0815 with a page providing
its history, including this: 2003: Won contract to provide a national online
recruitment service over the next 5 years for the National Health Service – the
nation's biggest employer..

The Big
questions that spring to mind are: 

  • Is MTAS and Jobsite one and the
  • How long has this been an open database
  • Are the details of all areas of
    the Jobsite database open with a lack of security.
  • Have the Government been
    harvesting information about all jobseekers from this site.

The last
question is a very important one. If the government have been data mining and harvesting
the Jobsite database, then it is an operation worthy of the Stasi or KGB. 

Have certain
people been blacklisted by the government, and are therefore unable to obtain
work through Jobsite.

How many
people are being presented with work which is similar but not what they
enquired about, in an effort for the government to manipulate the jobs market,
especially in the IT sector.

There is a
close similarity to what Government are now doing with junior doctors and GP’s
to what they have done to the IT contract market over the past 10 years, controlling contract terms and rates. 

How many
people have had no responses or work from applications through Jobsite (I am
one of them, even though I have been applying for jobs via this site for over 3

recruitment agencies fed details through Jobsite under instructions not to
employ certain people who may be on government watch lists (whatever those watch
lists may be).


Perhaps the
Daily Mail would like to provide assurances that its system has not been used
in the manner above or systematically data-mined by the government for personal
information likely to be used for population control purposes, or background
information for the ID card scheme.

Do you work for Jobsite? Are you a recruitment consultant? Would you would like to confidentially comment? then send me an email.

For its lack of due diligence, this company is an ENABLER OF ID FRAUD.

(National Socialists) Destroying Britain from the inside out.



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