Australian NIR scheme is launched

launches what is to become a National Identity Scheme, although at present it
is called the Australian Government Online Service Point (AGOSP).

It is interesting to note that it carries all of the same
problem areas as the UK NIR, European e-ID and the US REAL-ID
schemes, and privacy advocates suggest that it is being built in such a way
where privacy is something to be managed rather than something to be designed
into the scheme. 

The only difference is that the Australians plan to do it
all with a budget of just A$42 million.

Other areas of contention are data matching, the inevitable
all eggs in one basket approach, and although being promoted as being opt-in,
it is looking for total take up by 2010, same as the UK,
EU and the US. (Any
optional scheme soon becomes compulsory when access to services become
dependant upon opting-in).

The Special Minister of State Gary Nairn, also
said the government is “progressing well” towards the implementation
of a secure identity management framework in 2008.

The announcement comes as the government struggles to win support for a
national Access Card – a smartcard intended replace up to 17 social services
cards, including Medicare cards, by 2010.

This date of 2010 keeps cropping up across the globe as a
key date in all of the electronic projects undertaken by western


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Say NO to ID Cards, Say NO to the database state.


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