Government exam factory for Peterborough

The Thomas Deacon
Academy currently being built in Peterborough,
Cambs, replacing 3 state schools, has been likened to a nightmarish Government
exam factory. 

Tony Blair's vision of City Academies has the hallmarks of
communist style forced education. When the building is complete, there will be
no playground for the children to exercise in, no breaks, and a  working day from
8.45 till 4.30 with only a 30 minute lunch period. 

Prospective pupils and their parents only learned at a
meeting last week that although the school will feature such innovations as a
“wetland eco-pool”, it will not have a traditional outdoor area where
children could play games or run around.

Miles Delap, who is the managing the project on behalf of
sponsor Perkins Engines, added: “For a school of this size, a playground
would have had to be huge. That would have been almost uncontrollable. We have
taken away an uncontrollable space to prevent bullying and truancy.” Playing
fields won't be fully complete until the old school is knocked down. It could
be a year until the cricket green is seeded properly.

Sarah Teather, the Liberal Democrat education spokesman, said:
“I am stunned. This does not sound like a school, it sounds like some
nightmarish Government exam factory. Without a playground this school will have
behaviour problems and miserable pupils.” She urged parents to put press
for changes.

The Department of Health in its usual pass the buck, nothing to
do with us method said: “We do promote health and exercise in children but
it doesn't have to take place in the playground.”


Could you imagine a worse possible place to put your children
to be educated, by private business, with a Dept of Education that doesn’t want
to know, where years ago Labour would have fought to end the exploitation of
children in this way.


NuLab – Destroying the minds of Britains


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