German EU Presidency significantly weakens Data Protection

A proposal
to allow European police forces to share data undermines fundamental human
rights, the European Data Protection Supervisor said today.

European Council's proposal to extend data protection into police and judicial
matters was designed to ensure first that police managed their data properly,
but the German Presidency had “significantly weakened” the proposal's
protections so it could get the European Council to accept it by removing the
basic data protections that would necessitate it being managed properly in the
first place.

For example, it dropped the
proposal that countries be prevented from sharing data with others that don't
have adequate data protection. The principle that would ensure the quality of
police data has also been dropped, meaning there is no obligation on them to
distinguish the level of accuracy and reliability of the intelligence being
used, nor distinguish between different sorts of data subject such as
criminals, suspects, victims and witnesses.

Further, it removed the
limitations normally put on the uses to which data can be put, and that any
derogations from this rule should be “necessary, proportionate, precise
and foreseeable”.

Then there was no measure
to periodically purge the databases of duff and redundant data and no
obligation on the police to rectify any mistakes in the data they hold.


At a time when we need more protection the UK government has signed up to this

Welcome to the world of trial by corrupted



(National Socialists) – Destroying Britain from the inside out.



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