Dundee University and the Scottish Labour Mafia

Iain Dale has pointed his visitors towards a post by Craig Murray.
Craig's post brings to light some very questionable goings on at Dundee
University. I should be shocked at what Craig had to tell his readers,
but sadly I'm not. The comments on both posts should be read.

Craig's post needs to be circulated as far and wide as possible.

This is something that needs to be highlighted to the Charities Commission in their ongoing investigation into the Smith Institute.

commenter dearieme said on Iain Dale's blog
The universities of Oxford and Cambridge are still governed, in the
last resort, by their dons' parliaments. They are under pressure from
the government to turn power over to outsiders from the world of
“business”. I see why.

The murky water that NuLab swim in is being penetrated slowly, the filth of corruption is being shown the light of day. If you feel as disgusted as I do by these revelations, be a whistleblower today, get the filth into the daylight. We must ensure that our educational facilities are kept free from politics.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.


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