'Nanny state' row over parent academy

yet another move towards National Socialism, the Blair government today
announced another Nazi initiative on Parenting.

The Government
said a new £30 million National Academy of Parenting Practitioners would open
in October this year. The new academy – based at King's College,
London – will act as an “international and
national hub” to promote the latest ideas on how to raise children and
implement recent Government reforms, including new courses designed to improve
the bond between fathers and their children and catch-up lessons for parents
with literacy and numeracy problems.

made much of the role of parents, and controlled the way in which families
should bring up their children, educating them, and using youth bodies such as
the Hitler

is emulating Hitler’s
Germany in every way in invading our
private lives ‘for the good of society’, and this is the latest attack on our
freedoms and individual rights.

The Telegraph
runs a very complete story, as does the Daily Mail.

Women's Magazine, Issue Date:
August 1938

Contents: The
cover caption reads: “Happy families are the best foundation of our
people.” A poem titled “My Boy” has
a mother saying that she will live on through her baby son. The first article
discusses the importance of the home. The next is a letter from a mother with
many children. Next follows an article on the importance of play for children.
Another article covers a new marriage law. An illustrated article discusses a
school for brides. There are six pages on fashion and cooking.


have found some German propaganda of the late 1930’s to illustrate how similar
Blair’s policies are to Hitler.

Hitler said on Socialism in 1937.

Socialism means: “The common
good before the individual good.”
Socialism means: “Think not of yourself, but of the whole, of the people
and the state.”
Socialism means: “Not the same for everyone, but to each his own.”

These sentences make clear
what we call “socialism.” No one is a socialist who does not live
according to them. A new order grows from these sentences. The sentence
“To each his own” has killed the “mass,” the slogan of
Marxism, and replaced it with the “community.”

Every community grows
around a leader. He is the centre of its order, which forms around him. A
number of these leaders form a larger community, and stand around their leader
as a living order. It all grows from below—the number growing ever smaller—like
a pyramid, and finds its epitome in the Führer of the Reich. All are bound by
the community. Each community is a living order. The whole, the great living
order, is the people's community. It binds inextricably person to person,
leader to leader.

It does not give the same
to everyone, but to each his own. It creates the socialist people in a
socialist state. Each has his his task in the community, given to him according
to his gifts. Never do all have the same task, but rather each his own. His
task gives him a place in the community, If he fulfills it completely, he wins
the esteem of the others. He is happy, even if his task is not large in the
overall scheme of things.

Such communities grow in
the field, in assault troops, in artillery battalions, in submarines, in
S.A. units. Strong, bound forever
together, wordlessly understanding each other, together until the end, sworn to
a common goal. Strength grows from such communities, and from them grows the

We want community in Germany so that we can stand unshaken in the
face of whatever may come. The mass is conquered by the community. It gives to
each his own, to each his goal and his task, and everyone together one goal:
the people's community in the new state.

That has absolutely nothing
to do with long outdated phrases about brotherhood or demagogic chatter about
pan-Europeanism. We have said often enough that National Socialism is not for
export. What must sink deep into the minds of the foreigners among us, however,
is a belief that
Germany is the source of the continent's
eternal youth and a conviction that German socialism and the German longing for
justice can never be surpassed.

Thus, the readiness of
foreign workers in the work to defend the united front of the new Europe will
be awakened and developed — regardless of the direction from which it may be
attacked. In the long run no part of the earth, much less
Europe, can be ruled by the bayonet. The
future belongs to him who has the support of the workers of the various nations.


you see where Blair is leading us?.

Councils, Unitary Authorities, Regional Government, Regional Assemblies,
National Government,
European State.

countries in
Europe (Germany) are already made up in this
way, others (the rest) are being forced to adopt a common stance on ‘communities’
and ‘leaders’, immigration and foreign workers.



(National Socialists) – Destroying Britain from the inside out.


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