3000 ways the Government can enter your home

When I was a
young man, I was taught that the only people who had right of entry to your
home without a warrant was the Customs and Excise man. 

Long gone are
those days, the list is now so long the reading would send you to sleep. If you
ever believed that an Englishmans home was his Castle, dream on.

This from today’s
online tell us there are 266 ways the Government can enter your house
– and you can't stop them

could be a statistic straight from George Orwell's chilling masterpiece 1984.
State officials have 266 justifications to enter your home.

Alas, the figure is not a
figment of Orwell's imagination but the reality of
Britain in 2007.

Our table shows some of the
many powers today’s army of health and safety inspectors, bailiffs, Customs
officers, quango officials and policemen can use to gain entry to your
property. In most cases entry, if denied, can be gained by force. Homeowners
face fines and criminal charges if they obstruct officials who knock on their

Study author Richard Snook
said: 'This research* shows the State today enjoys widespread access to what was
previously considered to be the private domain.

Some of the new entry powers
have their origins in EU directives and regulations, rather than with an Act of
Parliament passed by the
UK's elected legislators.'

Shadow Home Secretary David
Davis said: 'This is a sinister reflection of the power the State now has in
the lives of the citizen.

What the Daily Mail doesn’t tell
us is that since coming to power 10 years ago, the present Government have
introduced over 280 new legislative Acts, and created in excess of 3000 new ‘crimes’.

The Police
have powers of arrest without warrant, which make all offences, no matter how
trivial, into arrestable offences (Section 110 of
the Serious
Organised Crime and Police Act 2005
, which came into force on 1-1-2006), also allowing the Police to take
DNA, fingerprints and palm prints of all those arrested.

Once arrested, the Police can search the
home of arrested (not charged) people without the need for a warrant (PACE
Code), so the Daily Mail story should really read, 3000 ways the Government can enter your home.


NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

*Centre for Policy Studies entitled “Crossing the Threshold” (pdf),



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