2nd US State bans forced RFID chipping in Humans.

North Dakota has become the second state in the U.S. to
ban the forced implanting
of radio frequency identification (RFID)
chips in people.

The two-sentence
bill, passed by the state legislature, was signed into law by Gov. John Hoeven
last Wednesday. Essentially, it forbids anyone from compelling someone else to
have an RFID chip injected into their skin.  

The state follows
in the steps of
Wisconsin, which passed similar legislation last year.

“We need to
strike a balance as we continue to develop this technology between what it can
do and our civil liberties, our right to privacy,” Hoeven said in an
interview. He emphasized that the law doesn't prohibit voluntary chipping.
Military personnel who want an RFID chip injected so they can be more easily
tracked will still be allowed to get a chip. There are also potential uses for
the technology in corrections or in monitoring animals, he noted.

Marlin Schneider,
the state legislator who sponsored the
Wisconsin law, said he is glad to see an
antichipping legislation trend. However, such statutes don't go far enough to
curb the ability of private sector retailers and manufacturers to “implant
these things into everything we buy.”  

Ultimately, with
RFID tagging systems, corporations “will be able to monitor everything we
buy, everywhere we go and, perhaps as these technologies develop, everything we

But Michael
Shamos, a professor who specializes in security issues at
Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, believes the law is too vague to do much
good. For instance, it only addresses situations where a chip is injected, even
though RFID tags can
also be swallowed
. And it doesn't clearly define what a forced implant
really is; someone could make chipping a requirement for a financial reward.


At least there
are some Legislators who are still awake. This kind of legislation needs to be
introduced into law in the

Would any UK
MP like to raise a Private Members Bill ?

The fact that it needs banning, means that someone is planning to do it!!

The 'conspiracy' theories are looking less and less like conspiracies every day.



Say No to ID
cards, Say NO to the database state.



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