Tony Blair IS Billy Liar and we are getting rather tired of it now.

believes you, why do you keep up the pretence. Just go and save us all from the
pain of having to remove you. Put another charge on the sheet Inspector.


story from Postman


bulky but always entertaining Mr Kelvin MacKenzie, sometimes described as the
ex Editor of the Sun, inventor of such great novelties as the news bunny and
naked darts, was for a change being interviewed. He claimed at the weekend
(presumably in his role as Jester in Chief at the Sun) that he would not have
touched the accounts of the ex Prisoners of Zenda “with a barge pole
and accused the Government of a “catastrophic error“. He defended
the sailors and Marines, saying he laid the blame “exclusively and wholly at
the bloody idiots currently running the Ministry of Defence

Mr McKenzie told the Today program

sense is that the Government… are very concerned that they have lost the
propaganda battle with
Iran and these 15 are simply
pawns in this battle, They have opened up a can of worms. It is a catastrophic
error by our Secretary of State for Defence.”

Bang goes the Knighthood of another Editor.

Big Mac is now telling anyone who will listen,

know that David Hill (Chief Clerk No 10 Press relations) was whistling round
newspaper offices last week asking editors if they needed “Help with their
editorials” in relation to the freeing of the 15 – ie that you must get
over the sense that Tony Blair had had a major triumph,”

Anybody walking through
Whitehall must have heard a low
whizzing sound this week as they heard the endless whizzing known as “The
Passing of the Buck
“. So far it rests, Des Browne admits, on his desk
– he has now been persuaded to fall on his sword and accept responsibility.

Naturally members of the Press were pressing their shillings into the warm
sticky palms of the Prisoners of Zenda because they were, in unprecedented
fashion, allowed access to them – which could have quite simply been rejected.
De-briefing, R&R in Cyprus and then back on duty.
Compare and contrast the staff on “holiday” from Addis Abbaba

Given the undenied stories of Mr Hill's urgency in providing editors, “Help
with their editorials
“(probably the very last thing any newspaper
editor anywhere feels he needs) one must accept it as correct. So if this Truffle
Hound for the Truth
was on the case last week it is impossible to believe
that like an obedient gun dog he sat waiting patiently for instructions for his
next task.

Mr Hill only obeys one master, The Prime Minister. It is inconceivable that
once protected by the liberty afforded by the sovereign and the warmth and love
of their families, their Protector , groggy after 5 bruising rounds with the
Middle Eastern Middleweight, and a final standing count, the Prime Minister did
not seek some redress in the battle for the eye, ear and sympathy of the
public. The colossus that bestrode the world had been laid low by the pygmy
David from Teheran….

We are never going to be privy to how Mr Hill was instructed, nor how precisely
he interceded between Mr MacKenzie's successor, Faye (distinguishable from the
Big Mac only by the colour and length of her hair) and the bone headed Second
Lord of the Admiralty…. who is perhaps as unlearnt in the ways of the Press
as the rest of the Navy appears to be in organising boarding parties.

What is certain is that No 10 got exactly what they wanted, tears, sobs, near
nakedness, knickers, fears of rape, not quite the full monty as Fleet Street
revelations go but in the circumstances …er …adequate.

It was the ever pliant and heavily knighted Sir Trevor McDonald (bloody
Scotsmen everywhere) who added the esential gravitas , as the bottom lip
biting, pale, vulnerable Faye haltingly jerked the tears worldwide to complete
the national humiliation.

The lies continue to come out of No.10, so its time to go.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.


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