More BioHaz equipment purchased by Government

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on UK
Daily Pundit

Regular visitors to this blog will know that I've been
keeping an eye
on government purchases and orders for CBRN clothing and equipment to be used
in the event of a dirty bomb attack. Two additions to the list today: 12,000
CBRN compatible helmets and 10,000
personal communication systems.

The 12,000 helmets will be used in conjunction with the 12,000 Biohaz
Protective Suits
ordered in December last year. Though why they
didn't order the helmets at the same time as they ordered the suits is anyone's

There's also a change in the contact details for these tenders. When the biohaz
suits, Crowd Containment Barriers and Public Address Systems were put out to
tender in December, the name of the Buyer organisation was given as the Home
Office Crime
Reduction and Community Safety
. In
what appears to be a slight change in emphasis, the Buyer organisation for
these two contracts is the Counter
Terrorism and Intelligence Directorate.

Incidentally, one of the UK's leading suppliers of CBRN
clothing and equipment, Remploy Frontline, has added an interesting graphic to their website. A clever
marketing ploy it may be, but it didn't half give me nightmares.

have been remarkably quiet on the Terror threat front in recent months,
following the disclosure by blogs and media outlets in the pattern that had
developed of bad news day for government, media non stories followed
immediately by a high profile police/terrorist event. We even suggested that many
of those incidents were staged, as in the majority of cases people were later
quietly released without charge.

the event of a staged ‘event’ involving a dirty bomb, we can expect the
government to immediately invoke the Civil Contingencies Act, assume emergency
powers and declare martial law. 

We are now wondering, just
how close to the May elections this ‘event’ will occur.

will refer Civil Servants to an earlier
blog, because the well being of this nation is in your hands.



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