Wasting your council tax to check your waste

Two stories here about
Council abuse and Big Brother wasting your tax money, both from the South Wales

Apparently there
is not enough money to run a weekly collection services, but there is enough
money to do this !!  The lunatics are
definitely running the asylum!!


spy on your rubbish

NEWPORT council paid a private firm £9,000 to look through
residents' rubbish to see if they are recycling properly. 

A two-week study
was carried out by an unnamed firm on household waste and waste delivered to
the city's civic amenity site.

councillors blasted the council for using 'Big Brother' tactics to 'spy' on
residents, but the council said it was an important study to help their waste

It was carried
out by a specialist research and consultancy company, which
Newport council refused to name for commercial

The firm carried
out the 'compositional analysis' on 200 domestic bin-loads of rubbish from five
areas of
Newport earlier this year, paid for with a £9,000
Assembly grant. 

councillor David Fouweather said doing this without telling residents amounted
to spying and said
Newport people would be “appalled”.


brother is watching you!

A NEWPORT woman was sent a warning about what she
dumped after council workers looked through her rubbish.

Tracey Costello,
36, of
Tredegar Park, received the letter after workers at the
city's civic amenity site on
Docks Way went through rubbish she left there and
found an envelope with her name on it and her parents'
Pontypool address. 

The letter told
her not to dump Torfaen rubbish in
Newport and said her details would be held.

She said: “I
get packages sent to my parents because I work during the day.

“I find it
worrying that people are sifting through our rubbish to find

A council
spokesman said the items were identified during a regular audit and added: “We're
sure no one in
Newport would like to carry the cost for disposing rubbish
originating from outside council boundaries.”



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