Data sharing – EU wants all your personal data – UPDATE

So you thought
that by giving the government all your personal details it would be to stop
terrorists blowing up trains, or to stop immigrants claiming benefits, and the government
tell us that our personal data will be safe in their hands. 

Then why are they
going to give it all to the unelected EUROPEAN COMMISSION.

The European
Commission is in discussion with all the EU member states on how to join up
their data
collection and sharing schemes across Europe. The
federal nanny state is here. 

The EU tell us
with a reassuring voice that eID system is expected to help reduce the
administrative burden on mobile workers and travellers in the EU. It will also
simplify cross border business transactions, company registrations, or payment
of tax obligations for small businesses.

For the 100,000 or
so of Britons that travel to
Europe on a regular basis this may possibly be plausible. 

So why would they
want the details of 65 million Britons in order to do that.

Why would the EU
want your finger prints, your
DNA, your medical records, your tax records, your bank
account details, details of who you are and how you link to other members of
your family, in fact all the information that would be on your passport and ID
card, if you never go to

Is it because
when Tony Blair signs away the last of our sovereign
on March 25th by signing the new European Constitution,
we will effectively be ruled by the unelected EU.

We have
consistently advised readers of this blog that data collection and data sharing
is not a good thing for the population of

We advised you that when the
Government introduced paper ID cards during WW2, it was planned for the
information about you to be used for 3 purposes.  To Identity you to the
police, to use for food rationing and to receive medical care.

When it was abolished in 1952
it was found government was using that information for 157 different

whatever they tell you today, you can be sure it will be used for something
different tomorrow.

We have also advised that
these data collection and data sharing schemes are being undertaken in most of
the western

Our government is already
giving our personal details to the Americans, they are currently passing laws
to give it to companies and the BBC,
and now they are going to give it all to

No longer do we live in the land of free peoples.

Data sharing is not about helping you, it is about controlling you.

Whatever they tell you today,
you can be sure it will be used for something different tomorrow.


UPDATE – Steve Green at DailyReferendum has kindly organised a referendum vote on this issue.

this can be seen at
if anyone would like to vote.



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