Government obsession with the process of health care, rather than health care itself.

Its all about
presentation, nothing to do with health care. NuLab have pumped more money into
the NHS than any other government, and have spent that money on destroying it
as an effective delivery point of Health Care.


Does your money
go on Health Care – NO


It goes on
rubbish like this.
NHS National Center for Involvement.


The NHS Centre for Involvement is a consortium
comprising The University of Warwick, The Centre for Public Scrutiny, and LMCA
and is funded by the Department of Health.


 The Mission Statement of the NHS National Centre for Involvement is


  • Promote the value of patient and
    public involvement.
  • Create a one-stop shop for
    information and advice on patient and public involvement.
  • Build the capacity of organisations,
    staff and patient-citizens for high quality patient and public involvement.
  • Develop and disseminate practical
    resources that aid patient and public involvement.
  • Generate evidence-based models and
    examples of best practice.
  • Identify and maximise learning
    opportunities at a national, regional and local level.
  • Develop and facilitate networks and
    communities of interest.
  • Become an exemplar of a responsive
    and inclusive organisation.


Absolutely Nothing to do with Health Care, just the way its packaged
and presented, just another example that demonstrates the government obsession with
the process of health care, rather than health care itself

This is where the taxpayer’ money has gone. Millions of pounds spent on dross
and pretty pictures rather than Cancer drugs or Nurses pay. This is why real
health care is having to be rationed to “balance the books” and save Patricia
Hewitt’s political life.



8000 doctors
are now out of a job.

22,230 job losses in 78 trusts since April and 105 community hospitals threatened with the axe. A total of 2,622 hospitals beds have been lost in 28 NHS trusts this
year and 105 community hospitals are also threatened with closure.

All over the
country, hospital doctors do not know if they are coming or going. Or when they
are going. Or where they are going. Or if they are going at all.

Take the careers of thousands of young doctors, throw them into the careers'
combine harvester and let us see what it spits out.

Dr Crippen writes on NHS BLOG DOCTOR
that he receives emails from NHS staff on a daily basis.

He writes: Then I checked the NHS BLOG DOCTOR emails.

all there – people with no interviews, people being told they've got interviews
and then told they haven't, deaneries STILL not having posted their results,
website crashes, emails not being sent, interview bookings not working, one
thread after another about people who still don't know if they have a job and
others who know their career is over. I, along with 30,000 others, have been
sitting, hands shaking, at my computer since
9am (it is now 6:30pm) and still don't know if I
am in with a chance of remaining in my home come August. There has been little
to no communication with us. If you thought morale was low up until this
point…. I would be seriously interested in an audit of how many clinical
mistakes have been made countrywide today. Thank god I haven't been at work.
Tears in every department in every hospital.


NHS BLOG DOCTOR will enlighten you
to the problems within the NHS, and a lot more, with links to many more items
and articles. Unless you read this you don’t have any idea of how bad it has
really become.


Or Read
in the London Evening Standard about how
NHS bosses have been handed a spin doctors' guide
telling them how to close hospitals and wards more easily without upsetting
the public.


Then there is the
NPfIT, or the NHS spine. The biggest waste of money ever devised by this
government. Some reports say its cost over £12.4 billion so far, other say £20
billion, which is nearer to the NAO report figures.


£12.4 billion would pay for 26,000 doctors
for ten years, says Private



ALL THE TAXPAYERS MONEY FOR HEALTH CARE. It sits in the pockets of the big consultancies, who have nothing
to do with healthcare.



Patricia Hewitt
and Gordon Brown.  Stand up.  You have been judged and you have been found
wanting. You are guilty of destroying one of the most important institution
that the people of this country have.






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