Will Cameron Go One Step Further?

Cameron Go One Step Further?
From Select Privacy.

The Conservatives have
announced a firm policy, and it's good news for civil libertarians: They
plan to scrap the ID cards project should they get into power
. Even better,
they are prepared to stand up to the lobbying of the ID industry, whose
influence on this and related issues was brought to the fore last week thanks
to John Higgins of Intellect (Link).

David Davis responded to the latter robustly:
“Your thinly veiled threat of penalty clauses, at taxpayer’s expense,
is inappropriate and ill-judged.”

Following on from this, will Dave Cameron, the man who beat him in the Tory
leadership race go one step further – and pledge to dismantle the National
Identity Register
and related centralised databases, including the Spine and Children's

Dave Gould of NO2ID this week made use of the WebCameron system to highlight
the significance of ID
(next month) ask the following questions of Cameron:

  • Will you pledge to dismantle the NIR &
    all of these other systems, and destroy all the data that has not been
    volunteered by the public for them?
  • Why did the Conservatives stop opposing the
    Identity Cards Act in Parliament and settle for a largely meaningless
    compromise(being given an ID card doesn't mean you have to keep it or use

for Dave Gould at WebCameron, and let's get these questions answered!



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