Muslims are evil – Kelly. Next step to Dictatorship

Reported by the
foreign press – NOT reported by the British Press 

Ruth Kelly, Britain's
communities secretary, launched on Wednesday a $9.9m fund for local
politicians to use to counter the “false and pernicious” ideology of
Muslim extremism.


So, Muslims are
the great threat, and now its Government policy.  Just like the Jews under Hitler’s regime, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Just how are
local politicians to use this fund? see the press release here.

If local authorities cannot deal with disaffected groups from any quarter then they are not doing their job properly, but as with any problem the Labour way is to manage from the centre and throw our money at it.

Ruth Kelly, I am
disgusted. Disgusted with you, and disgusted with this government for allowing
you to introduce this clearly racist fund.

The Stages of


  1. Create a fear, real or contrived. (9/11)
  2. Engineer events to give credence to that fear.
  3. Find a portion of the population to blame for
    that fear. (too much anti Muslim press and TV reporting)
  4. Enact laws to ‘protect’ the majority. (80 new
    laws and the Legislative
    and Regulatory Reform Act 2006
    , which is similar to the German
    Enabling Act, giving government legislative powers).
  5. Neuter the press. (Press
    in Gordon
  6. Further engineered events, keep up the scare
    propaganda. (we waiting for the government to explode the dirty bomb they
    keep talking about).
  7. Save the majority by containing, then detaining
    the target group. (Dr Reid nearly has the camps ready now).
  8. Introduction of emergency powers and the
    suspension of political and judicial process.
  9. Look for other groups to blame.
  10. Total control 


Ruth Kelly also went on to say “We need a new, strengthened partnership and unity of purpose to isolate those who seek to divide us,”

It is very apparent Ms Kelly that the only people who are trying to isolate and divide are this government. (item 7 above).

And where was
Gordon Brown today? Not in the Commons, perhaps putting the final  planning in place to the
last phase of the takeover.

Also not reported
in the Press or TV was the exchange today between David Cameron and the Prime

Every time the Prime Minister is in
trouble, the Chancellor disappears. Why does he do it?”

Mr Blair sought refuge in seeking to pay tribute to the Chancellor for his
handling of the economy, claiming it was the strongest it's ever been.

But Mr Cameron hit back: “If he's doing such a great job then bring him
on. What are we waiting for.”

To more Conservative cheers, he said: “Isn't it the truth that the Prime
Minister is now too isolated to govern and the Chancellor is too indecisive to
get rid of him.” 

I don’t think that Gordon is too
indecisive, I think he is too dangerous. 
Too dangerous to let into No10, too dangerous to be given the reins of
power, Brown along with the Murdoch press and big business are walking us, step by step into dictatorship,
and financially raping this country in the process. Perhaps Tony knows that too, and that may be why
Blair is hanging on for as long as he can.

But its a familiar pattern. Bad news for government, press not reporting it, Gordon Brown not about, terror alert going on.  Same shit, new day.




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