Iran offered to withdraw all support for Hamas and Hezbollah in Spring 2003

In a post tonight from The Norfolk Blogger a
story tonight from
BBC’s Newsnight programme.

Newnight reveals Iran offered to
cease support for terrorism

Newsnight revealed tonight Iran
offered to withdraw all support for Hamas and Hezbollah in Spring 2003. It is
also clear the
Iran was willing to hand over Al Qaeda people they believed to be
operating in
Iran. All the Iranians wanted was for the USA to stop
the activities of a terrorist group called the “People's Mojahideen”
(also called the MEK or MKO). This group, based in
Northern Iraq, wants to
overthrow the Iranian regime.

What Newsnight asked was why this offer from the Iranians was rejected by US vice
president Dick Cheney.

Imagine what the effect on Iraq
might have been without
Iran funding and supporting the Shias ? And all this was preventable if
US had stopped allowing terrorist attacks being launched from Iraq in

The problem, as Newsnight revealed, is that although the “People's
Mojahideen” are a listed terrorist organisation, some within the
“Neo-Con's” saw the “People's Mojahideen” as a way of
possibly removing the “People's Mojahideen”.

However many people have died because of this wanton act of American's posturing.

This Newsnight story confirms what I suspected when
I wrote about the press watching the wrong story i.e. the Iraq Policy
committee, the real
is the neo-con Dick Cheney run Iran Policy committee.

The Haliburton and Oil lobby funded Cheney wants a war with Iran more
than Bush does, and while all the attention is on Bush and his big push policy,
Cheney is working behind the scenes to destabilise
Iraq by actively
supporting the Iranian opposition within
Iraq so
that war with
Iran becomes inevitable.


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