Pacific wide alert for Cherie Blair friend Foster

A Pacific-wide
alert has been issued for the Australian international conman Peter Foster, who
is under house arrest in
Fiji, has not been seen for two days and may
have fled several days earlier to the Pacific
island of Vanuatu on a drug-trafficking boat.

The alert has
been issued by the Pacific Transnational Crime Co-ordination Centre, a
Pacific-wide centre of regional police forces, including the Australian Federal

As police hunted
for Foster in the Vanuatu capital, Port Vila, yesterday, it emerged that he is
now suspected of defrauding the Federated States of Micronesia Government of
$US580,000 ($F976,266) in a land title scam.

Foster, a serial
fraud, was nowhere to be seen although documents with his name on them were
among the vessels manifest. 

The confusion
over his whereabouts was compounded by a
Fiji military spokesman saying his officers
had seen Foster in
Fiji on Tuesday night, some days after his
alleged departure.

A Suva magistrate issued a bench warrant for his
arrest on Monday after he failed to appear on three fraud-related charges
including forgery and obtaining a work permit by fraudulent means.  

Foster was
recently embroiled in sensational allegations that he taped a Fijian political
party official admitting last year's election was rigged.

Foster, who has
claimed to have been working undercover for the military, accused senior
military officers of preventing information he gathered on corruption within
the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party from reaching Commodore Bainimarama.
“I believe there are forces at work within the military, deliberately
trying to undermine the commander,” Foster said.

Foster said he
could not understand why the military had not released more of the secret video
tapes he recorded for them, or why it was suddenly treating him as “the
enemy within”.

“I've done
everything they have asked and I have put my neck on the line for them.”
He said the tapes contained further “evidence” of corruption within
the SDL and the Laisenia Qarase Government, overthrown by the coup of December

“I have
found out that my letter to Frank (Bainimarama) was never given to him and I
have learnt that he has been told that all of the tapes are the same,”
said Foster. 

“I believe
there is a deliberate undermining of the commander and he is being fed some
wrong information. I know he would be horrified by it. “The whole thing
just stinks and I am fearful of it all. “It's a living nightmare.”



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